Volunteer Information and Registration Form

The Parkland Therapeutic Riding Association is a non-profit organization that operates with the support of volunteers. We have no paid individuals and rely on the public to help us provide this service to those in need. Our association has been in operation since 1994 and is held at Moon Shadow Stables a few miles south on highway 10. The number of horses we use varies each year, usually between 5 and 8. They are of different breeds and sizes; we also use ponies and miniature horses. The volunteer’s jobs include preparing the horses for the riders, tacking and warming the horses up, being a sider walker, leading the horses for the rider and assisting in general barn duties.

Our program operates Tuesday evenings in May, June, August and September, with other activities throughout the rest of the year. The riding sessions start at 6:30pm and usually last two to three hours.

Volunteers are the backbone of the organization. There are volunteers of all ages: male and female, who volunteer each week.

Basic Requirements for a Volunteer:

We ask each volunteer to be on time and phone if they are unable to attend a session. The client comes first and foremost and a volunteer needs to be sincere in their offer of service, believe in the value of this therapy and be willing to learn the requirements of the job.

We value your time, dedication and enthusiasm and hope that you derive satisfaction from your time with us. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your volunteer assignment, please let us know.

Volunteer Registration Form

The volunteer registration form must be filled out completely, there are two pages and your date of birth is required regardless of age.